Neograft Hair Transplant vs. Artas Follicular Unit Extraction

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is an excellent choice to permanently restore hair loss and avoid unsightly linear scarring. This method involves the extraction of singular hair follicles for immediate implantation into balding areas, without the need for scalpel incisions or sutures. While past FUE methods were done manually, there are now advanced systems that can streamline this hair transplant technique. Both NeoGraft and Artas are devices that offer automated FUE technology. Dr. Ben Talei, a dual board certified plastic surgeon proudly offers the NeoGraft system as a preferred choice to bring the most natural and customized results to men and women with hair loss.

NeoGraft and Artas have both revolutionized the way FUE techniques are carried out, as previous manual methods were time consuming, costly and inconvenient. However, NeoGraft and Artas have distinct differences that Dr. Talei is equipped to take advantage of. While the Artas system provides a more independent robotic system to extract and implant hair follicles, it leaves little room for judgment and customization from your surgeon. The NeoGraft, however, effectively combines advanced technology with the guided precision and artistry of a qualified surgeon. NeoGraft is a handheld device that Dr. Talei uses to remove the singular donor grafts, allowing him to account for unpredictable hair growth patterns that the Artas robotic system cannot address properly. Patients gain a higher success rate for their hair transplant using FUE technology and more natural results. Those who choose NeoGraft have the freedom to wear their hair short or even buzz cut since there is no linear scarring.

To learn more about the comparison of NeoGraft and Artas, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Talei. As a leading double board certified plastic surgeon, you can trust that he is equipped with the artistic talent and skilled expertise it takes to restore your hair loss successfully. We strongly believe in educating our patients in all of the treatment options available to them as well as listening carefully to their expectations and goals. We look forward to providing a permanent, natural and painless hair transplant to you in Beverly Hills.