Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrows serve a more critical role in overall facial beauty than you may first assume. While full eyebrows aren’t often discussed as a key facial element, thin or sparse eyebrows are quick to distract from one’s aesthetic appeal. For both men and women, the eyebrows are desirable when they are full and balanced, offering a natural frame for the eyes.

If you lack ideal fullness, thickness or symmetry in your eyebrows, turn to Beverly Hills Hair Group. Dr. Ben Talei is a double board certified and dual fellowship trained facial plastic surgeon who specializes in hair restoration. We use the most advanced, minimally-invasive techniques available when helping patients regain hair in their scalp, eyebrows or beard.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant/Restoration

There are many reasons why men and women suffer from eyebrow loss or thinning, including certain systemic diseases, alopecia, infection, facial burn/trauma and aggressive grooming. It is also possible that you have a genetic tendency for thinning eyebrows as you age. Regardless of what caused your eyebrows to lose their fullness or shape, it is not a desirable trait in terms of attraction or social acceptance. While make-up or tattoos can offer a temporary fix to your eyebrow sparsity, Beverly Hills Hair Group offers a permanent and more natural solution.

Dr. Talei uses state-of-the-art hair transplant methods to restore your eyebrows. Our NeoGraft technology delivers an automation of the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique, which requires no stitches and minimal downtime. This procedure is carried out similar to how it is performed on the scalp, which harvests your own healthy hair follicles and transplants them to your eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation carries a high success rate when performed by a seasoned surgeon such as Dr. Talei. Not only is recovery time quick, but the procedure itself is virtually painless and produces the most natural results.

For more information about your candidacy for an eyebrow transplant, contact Beverly Hills Hair Group. Our clinic proudly offers a full spectrum of treatment options to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. These include the Follicular Unit Transfer, NeoGraft, female hair loss treatment, and non-surgical solutions such as PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy.