What Can Be Causing Your Hair Loss?

Jasmine Talei of Beverly Hills Hair Group

Hair loss can be stressful, but understanding some reasons why your hair might be falling out can often times give you opportunities to get that hair back.

Hair can fall out for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have a genetic malabsorption of zinc, have some kind of thyroid dysfunction, or are just under constant stress. It’s best to see a doctor before jumping to conclusions and running unnecessary labs.

It’s important to be aware of a variety of deficiencies that can be contributing to hair loss, such as deficiencies in B vitamins, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, chromium, cysteine, and fatty acids. It’s also important to check in with your diet and digestion. Sometimes when we’re under a lot of stress, our digestion gets funky and we aren’t able to absorb nutrients too well. When this happens, we also have a hard time producing our own digestive enzymes. If we can’t secrete digestive enzymes then we have a hard time appropriately breaking down our food and getting the nutrients we need. Doing comprehensive tests and treating the cause is so important in any treatment process. I like using herbal formulas to increase circulation, provide nutrients, and assist our bodies in adapting to stress.

When my hair thins out, I also love preparing a topical hair treatment with onion juice and castor oil. I apply this mixture to my scalp and leave it on (cover with a shower cap) throughout the night. I usually like to do this for about two consecutive weeks. Sometimes, I’ll combine Rosemary essential oil with Castor oil and massage into my scalp daily. According to some folklore, preparing a topical scalp treatment with peeled ginger and brandy is the best for creating luscious hair. If you try this, I would love to know how it goes.

I understand hair loss can be frustrating, but why not let it empower you. Your body is telling you something. Follow the clues and solve the puzzle. It might surprise you how good you’ll start feeling once you begin this journey towards the pursuit of hair restoration.

Post Written by Jasmine Talei