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Hair Transplant Success Stories

“As a woman with thinning hair I searched for years for a solution. I tried everything and had every test done to see what the problem was. There were no clear answers for me. I decided on NeoGraft because it was a minimally invasive procedure. Best decision I ever made.”
Julia M.
“It has been two years since I had my first NeoGraft hair transplant. I was pretty much bald on top but could only afford 750 grafts. The hair grew but was still sparse. A year later (last year) I had another 750 grafts. I am really happy with the results but really need another 1000 grafts for maximum density. I plan to undergo a 3rd session soon which should be my last procedure. Even if you can’t afford to have all the grafts done at the same time, doing it like I did still pays off. I am no longer bald and even better, my hair looks totally natural and I feel really good about myself!”
M.I., Savannah, GA
“It has now been about 6 months since I had a hair transplant with the NeoGraft technology. 1340 grafts were transplanted from the back of my scalp to the crown and hairline at the sides in the front. I have never received so many comments from friends and family about this result. I am amazed how many people notice. The most common remark is how young I look and how am combing my hair differently. I tell them that I had a hair transplant and they are amazed. I am told that only 50% of my transplanted hair has started growing at 6 months and at one year 95% of them will have left the “dormant” stage. The thickest hair will be at about 1 1/2 year, but most think you have a full head of hair at one year because the eyes will not pick up the difference. Thank you NeoGraft. I am very pleased.”
“I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my new look after having a hair transplant. Although it’s only been a few months, I can see the hair growth and thickness where I had no hair. I haven’t involved myself in swimming or water skiing for years because of the way I looked. I can see light at the end of the tunnel regarding my sports and I couldn’t be happier. The procedure was essentially painless and there was no need to take time off from work. Thank you.”
Mark I., Savannah, GA
Sammy T. Las Vegas, NV
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I came across Beverly Hills Hair Group and Dr. Talei online. I had done many consults in regards to a FUE hair transplant in the past year with numerous doctors and clinics but I was never comfortable moving forward. Upon meeting Dr. Talei, Fabien, and his team I immediately felt at ease. Their facility is top notch and a state of the art clinic...

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John H Los Angeles, CA
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I have been experience hair loss for the past year and have been taking finasteride without much success. I was getting depressed from seeing chunks of hair falling out after showering. I had done extensive research and inquired with all the top hair doctors in the area. None of them seemed to be very convincing in what they tried to "sell" me...

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Imran A. Los Angeles, CA
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I did a FUE treatment with Dr. Ben Talei in March 2017 and am quite pleased with the results thus far. Fabien was my contact throughout the process and explained in detail what was going to occur before, during and after the treatment. I did some PRP treatment as well at the time of the procedure to stimulate the follicles. It has been over 10 months...

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Bernardo M. Venice, Venice, CA
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I found Beverly Hills Hair Group through Yelp. After consulting with many clinics I felt that this one was the most on point. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and attentive. The doctors are very professional and are here to actually help. I did my...

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Antonio A. Westwood, Los Angeles, CA
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I have undergone a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant at the Beverly Hills Hair Group with Dr. Ben Talei and I couldn't be more pleased by the results. I decided to do a platelet rich plasma (prp) treatment at the same...

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Peter S. Tucson, AZ
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Dr. Ben Talei is an artist when I comes to giving people back the head of hair they want. In his state of the art facility you can count on getting only the best. Just take a look at his before and after photos and videos and talk to his patients! That'll tell you all you need to know

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Pate S. Tucson, AZ
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I recently had the best expirance that was painless. Dr Talei is so amazing with this cutting edge technology. The staff is knowledgeable and took care of any concern I had. I went out to dinner the night of my procedure. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting thicker or more hair. Again so easy and painless....

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Mike H. West Hollywood, CA
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I highly recommend Dr. Ben Talei and his staff at the Beverly Hills Hair Group for anyone that is considering any hair transplant procedure. They are the most professional and talented team and also to mention his office was walking into a Hotel Oasis. Dr. Ben Talei is clearly knowledgeable about the treatment of...

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Robert G. Los Angeles, CA
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Best decision ever! Dr Talei and his staff are the most professional and talented team I have ever seen. Their passion for what they do makes you very comfortable and the results have been amazing. I love it when my wife smiles and says to me "Wow, you have more hair!" Before meeting Dr Talei, I was...

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